Lynne and Ray's Garden

Lynne and Ray's garden is the prototypical project for Organic Landscape Design.  The Buland's have been paying a landscaping company to care for blue grass and running a sprinkler system to water it.  We propose to replace the blue grass with garden and convert the sprinkler system to a drip system.  Here is how the property looked on July 22, 2010:

NW View 7-22-10



There is a large euonymous around a power pole next to the fire hydrant at the street corner.  The central feature is a large juniper.  We have talked about creating a "forest edge" along this east side of the property.







Lynne and Rays North View 7-22-10




In the center of the north east quadrant of the property is a huge maple tree that shades the entire area.  In the foreground is a bed of roses.  We are thinking about more forest edge along the street and incorporating the rose bed into a new ornamental border on both sides of the walk way up to the front door.  I think we will add a row of pavers to each side of the walkway to make it wider.




Lynne and Ray's Side Yard 7-22-10




We are considering transplanting a number of volunteer ash trees to this side yard.








After a growing season and a half, the property is looking completely different. The grass has been replaced with sheet mulch, which is slowly being covered by native (and some other low water) trees and shrubs.

Looking north along the front of the house

The front walk has been lined with Irises and Day Lilies.

Buland's front walk

A small herb, vegetable, and flower garden has been created inside the screen of shrubs.

Herbs, vegetables, tea roses, and day lilies

In addition, some roses that were buried in the old landscaping have been transplanted to the side yard and Ash volunteers have been transplanted in front of the old Silver Maple (not shown).

Here is the premlinary conceptual layout to convert this property:

Conceptual Layout for Lynne and Ray's Garden


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