The Regis Community Garden

Nice World was introduced to Joe Kottenstette on the steering committee for a community garden on property owned by Regis University.  We showed Joe our Broomfield, Golden and Home Gardens in 2009 and Joe worked through the committee to get a permaculture section added into a typical Denver Urban Gardens design.  Here is the results so far:

Regis Layout


The typical Denver Urban Gardens layout - 4 - 16' X 11' gardening beds separated by three and five foot wide pathways with a water spigot in the center of each grouping was modified by removing the pathways and making two 25' X 35' beds to be permacultured.

Joe Kottenstette and David Ward






Joe Kottenstette and David Ward at the site in April of 2010

Regis Planted June 2010

The Permaculture beds where planted using the special deep mulch planting techniques for both plants and seeds and drip line was laid.  Here is one of the beds as it appears in June of 2010








More Beds - June 2010



As it turned out, there remained three unsubscribed 11' X 16' beds as we approached the end of planting season and the steering committe authorized us to sheet mulch those three beds as well.  The Gardeners may plant some or all of that space this year - but any space not planted will still be weed free and building soil for future years.


Here is how the original Sheet Mulch Beds appear on June 25, 2010: Regis June 25, 2010











This is how the Regis Garden looked July 5, 2010 and August 6, 2010 respectively:

West View 7-5

West View 8-6











Regis was the most prolific of all the gardens.  A happy circumstance of the timing of the sheet mulch and planting in conjunction with a cool spring.

Visit the Regis University Berkley Community Garden web site.


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