Project Summary
High Plains Plant Propagation Cooperative HP3C
Bee Safe Neighborhoods Living Systems Institute and Honeybee Keep are sponsoring the "Bee Safe Neighborhoods" campaign
The Golden Garden We are now reviewing the results of our efforts in 2010 and thinking through how we might be more efficient in 2011.  Please feel free to join the discussion at Transition Colorado in
Crescent Grange Garden The Crescent Grange is located just off old Wadsworth Boulevard in the old part of Broomfield.  For more up to date information visit the Grange Web Site.
Harvest Mountain Harvest Mountain is a project of the SustainUs Corporation, a 501C3 Non-profit, Barbara Moore, President, in conjunction with the landowners - Trish and Mike Tilley - who operate a doggy day care - All About Paws - and live on the property.
Westminster Hills BEFORE you design, plant, mulch or obtain animals for your property in the City of Westminster, please contact the City of Westminster as there are exclusions and restrictions for front yard landscaping, chickens, goats, bees, etc. 
Crystal Gardens Crystal Gardens is a property in Ruby Hill neighborhood and a great example of what can be done on a suburban lot:
Sidnie's Garden This is the conceptual layout for Sidnie's Garden.                  
Jillian's Golden Garden Vital Food Farms, LLC is working with Pam, the land owner to produce food for charity.  Rose Ann Bennett operates in the role of garden coordinator.  The property is a 3/4 of an acre horse property and was gardened using traditional methods in 2009.  When Rose Ann contacted David Ward she was con